OLEVI Professional Alliance for Learning

What is OPAL?

OPAL’s purpose is to provide an inspirational learning community of like-minded learners, our gems, working and learning together to grow transformative people who enable profound change. OPAL members have access to exclusive resources and development opportunities each month to create headspace, stimulate thinking and share wisdom.

OPAL’s mission is to engender a significant impact on the quality of leadership, growing high performing people who understand the importance of being reflactive, humbitious and welfective, promoting this mindset to be socially and professionally acceptable.


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What is the purpose and mission of OPAL?

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Upcoming Events


October – OPAL LIVE: Welfective

3rd October, 7pm - 8pm

OPAL’s model for exploring wellbeing, giving the opportunity to consider how you restore, recharge and motivate. Are you energised and inspired to succeed? Followed by VIP Club for Premium Members until 9.00pm

Mastermind Group

October – OPAL Mastermind Group

12th October, 5pm - 6pm

Join us for Session 1 to unpick the terms ‘humbitious’ and ‘welfective’ using our two brand new models. The session will help to guide your thinking to becoming a highly successful person! 

Book Club

November – OPAL Book Club: The Imposter Cure

1st November, 7pm - 8:30pm

Join us to explore Dr Jessamy Hiberd’s ‘The Imposter Cure’. Followed by VIP Club for Premium Members until 8.30pm

A message from
OPAL’s President

For many years OLEVI has been at the forefront of creating high performing leaders who have enabled profound change across the educational system.

On December 5th, 2022, a group of OLEVI Founding Fellows met to witness the launch of OPAL (OLEVI Professional Alliance for Learning), our purpose to ‘generate significant impact on the quality of school leadership.’

We now invite you to join OPAL and engage in the debate of what is needed to create our future outstanding leaders, those leaders who go above and beyond in creating outstanding learning communities. In an ever-changing educational landscape, we sometimes forget the role we play in finding and then growing those transformative thinkers, who with the right level of support will become our ‘humbitious’ leaders of the future.

The question, ‘What does it mean to be a humbitious leader?’ and how as a leader we practice humility and ambition, will be explored.

To develop those transformative leaders, OPAL recognises the importance of ‘creating the headspace’ to learn more effectively, which involves us considering how we support our own well-being and that of the people around us.

By becoming a part of OPAL you will join a community of like-minded people who will reflect on practice, challenge thinking, and build deep connections to enable profound change in the future leadership of our schools/ colleges.

Rosanne Bartlett
OPAL’s President

“OPAL has given me the opportunity to engage in exciting high-level conversations and activities with a group of inspirational professional colleagues!”
OPAL Fellow

OPAL Fellowship Programme

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