About us - Purpose & Mission

OPAL’s Purpose

OPAL is an inspirational learning community of like-minded learners, working and learning together to grow transformative people who enable profound change. OPAL members have access to exclusive resources and development opportunities every month to create headspace, stimulate thinking and share wisdom.

OPAL is ‘people learning together’.

OPAL’s Mission

OPAL engenders significant impact on the quality of leadership, by growing high performing people who understand the importance of being reflactive, humbitious and welfective.

They in turn promote this mindset to be socially and professionally acceptable.

Reflactive + Humbitious x Welfective2 = Highly Successful People

What does it mean to be reflactive?

Reflection & Action

There are three foci within the OPAL Learning Model to achieve the ultimate state of learning: Creating the Headspace; Promoting the Thinking; and Sharing the Wisdom:

Creating the Headspace 10%:

We achieve this through increasing and enriching physical and mental wellbeing, thus creating the space to learn more effectively. Members will have access to bespoke support packages to help develop the best version of themselves.

Promoting the Thinking 50%:

We achieve this through publishing intellectual property and methodology to both new and existing clients. These publications are designed to stimulate thinking and learning freely, at their own pace.

Sharing the Wisdom 40%:

We achieve this through live learning, physically bringing people together to think, learn and take action. As well as the Suite of OLEVI Programmes, OPAL has been created to facilitate a network of High Performing People.

OPAL’s Model Learners

‘A Model Learner is a way of being that others aspire to follow.’

THE EXPECTATION: Model Learners understand the principles of DR ICE and their value in growing the quality of teaching and learning, leadership and management as well as coaching and facilitation; employ attributes and strategies that drive profound learning; and be a role-model for an outstanding learning culture.

OPAL's DR ICE Principles

  1. Principle 1: Deepening Thinking

    Learners are always thinking creatively and critically so they can tackle complex issues; making finely balanced judgements; and discovering innovative solutions to problems.

  2. Principle 2: Role-Modelling Learning Processes

    Learners are always precisely selecting and effectively utilising various learning strategies whilst successfully managing their emotions, in often complex situations, to ensure high levels of independence and responsibility.

  3. Principle 3: Impacting on Progress

    Learners are always moving forward by acutely analysing their current reality; being relentlessly focused on their next steps and consistently achieving or over-achieving their goals.

  4. Principle 4: Challenging Expectations

    Learners are always aspiring to improve themselves; seeking new challenges; and taking positive action to achieve their goals, no matter how difficult they appear to be.

  5. Principle 5: Engaging in Learning

    Learners are always approaching challenges with an infectious excitement for learning; a relentless focus on the importance and relevance of the mission; and a determination to succeed.

What does it mean to be a humbitious?

Humility & Ambition

Drawing on our extensive research and reflections, it is clear the most effective, highly performing people are not those with the biggest egos, but who possess humility, coupled with ambition and drive.

“It is not thinking less of yourself, it is thinking of yourself less.”

Humility + Ambition = Humbition

Humbition is part humility and part ambition. It is a combination of:

  • Direction
  • Influence
  • Strength
  • Credibility

Humbition grows high performing people in organisations.

What does it mean to be welfective?

Wellbeing & Effectiveness

Welfective Squared!

There are two ways in which we explore our term ‘Welfective!’

High performning people have:

  1. The recognition that we are most effective when we are well
  2. The ability to look after wellbeing effectively

OPAL’s Welfective Model

The Inner Circle:
Mind, Body & Soul

Ensuring I take responsibility for the wellness of my Mind, Body and Soul;

maintaining the equilibrium and staying in control.

The Outer Circle:
Our 8 Welfective Areas

Identifying the influences and drivers that govern Mind, Body and Soul;

negotiating my expectations and navigating the way forward.

How does OPAL define high performing people?

High Performing People

Success has been defined in many ways over the years. At OPAL, we are continually reconsidering and redefining what High Performing People look like.

What remains a constant is that High Performing People are transformative.

“High performing people enable others to grow and thrive through the process of growing and thriving themselves.”
OPAL Fellow

Reflactive + Humbitious x Welfective2 = Highly Successful People

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