Join our OPAL Fellowship Programme

What is our Fellowship Programme?

As an OPAL Fellow you will be a model learner, a driver of the purpose and mission; and a lead contributor to others’ learning.

Our Fellowship programme is a research, reflective and responsive based opportunity to explore our humbitious and welfective selves. This is facilitated though personal coaching, learning programmes, mastermind groups and contributary debates.

As an OPAL Fellow you will be accredited on becoming more:

1. Ambassadorial

  • Raving Fan
  • Gem Spotters
  • Story to tell of IMPACT

2. Credible

  • Model Learner – DR ICE Principles
  • PAFF Values
  • Research, Reflect, Repsond

3. Growth Orientated

  • Humbitious
  • Weflective
  • Highly Successful – Aspiration

4. Impactful

  • Contribute to learning of others
  • Actively drive the OPAL purpose forward

The eligibility criteria to apply for OPAL Fellowship is:

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