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What are the benefits of being part of OPAL?

We believe that high performing people are transformative. Accessing our collection of high impact theories, concepts and models through our exclusive interactive content and facilitated events you will:

  1. Increase your learning to impact upon your individual development so you can better impact practice and culture.
  2. Build transformational, not transactional, relationships with like-minded, high performing people.
  3. Boost your network far beyond your own context.
  4. Gain recognition for your unique and important value, and contribution, to the wider system.
  5. Recharge and extend your energy, resilience and stamina.
  6. Grow your skills to be more reflactive, humbitious and welfective.
OPAL Standard
Golden Nuggets
(Prompting Personal Reflection)
Weekly reflective thoughts with powerful questions to prompt deep thinking. Where will this take you?
(Top Tips to Thrive)
Monthly journal drawing on recent research offering top tips to thrive. We do the heavy lifting for you!
(Podcasts & Reels to Inspire)
Monthly Podcasts and Reels that inspire. These will stay with you all day!
Everything in OPAL Standard and…
(Learning to Accelerate Thinking)
Monthly facilitated learning sessions that stimulate and accelerate thinking. This will inspire immediate action!
Think Pieces
(Research & Workbook keep you current)
Bi-monthly academic research and workbook in a simple, instantly usable, framework. Keep your thinking current!
Resource Packs
(Revisit to embed your learning)
Monthly recordings, slides and podcasts building a resource bank to embed your learning. Revisit these, with ease!
OPAL Premium
Everything in OPAL Standard, Plus and…
VIP Club
(Personalised Learning through Interactive Challenge)
Monthly personalised learning through interactive challenge following OPAL live. Your chance to add your context!
Mastermind Group
(Group Coaching detailing your Progress)
Bi-monthly facilitated workshops exploring progress towards your personal goals. What got you here, won’t get you there!
Book Club
(Active Debate Honing & Extending your Thinking)
Quarterly themed discussions to hone and extend your thinking. Get ready for the challenge!

Annual Payment Options

You can upgrade or cancel your membership at any time.

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